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Union Square Park Scott's Oriole

The Union Square Scott's Oriole:

Assuming that the record-keepers accept him, this will be the first record of Scott's Oriole in New York State. He was first spotted in December, but observers initially assumed he was an Orchard Oriole (which would still be very weird for NYC in the winter.)

Union Square Park is a very busy park in the heart of Manhattan; normally its avifauna consists of house sparrows, pigeons, and starlings, with the occasional drive-by from a hawk looking for a snack. This year a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker is also spending the winter and the oriole often drinks from his sap wells.

Photo by gettingshitdone. More photos, including the ones where the bird blinked, here. My stories of seeing the bird are up at my blog, Great Auk - Or Greatest Auk?
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