Calzephyr (calzephyr77) wrote in birdlovers,

Teenagers hunt with golden eagles

Hi peeps, if you haven't seen it by now, these amazing photos of two teenage boys and a girl have been floating around on the net. Simply gorgeous photos that show the young folk and their eagles. One of the problems with the different stories though is that the focus has been on Ashol Pan and a lot of people are not realizing that all the photos are not her :-D My favourite photo is where she is cuddling her eagle - if I tried that with my cockatiel I wouldn't have a nose :-D

I actually thought this story and photos were an update to a story about this golden eagle huntress but it wasn't.
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This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing and introducing this to me!

I'm going to steal that word for Eagle Hunter!
Aren't they great? I keep running into these pictures everywhere. Someone on a forum I frequent suggested it could be the next YA book series. Katniss schmatniss :-D